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Andreas Zeiselmair

Andreas works as a research associate at the Research Center for Energy Economics ( where he focuses on sustainable and intelligent energy supply in the context of the energy transition (i.e., the  German Energiewende). Andreas studied Environmental Engineering at Technische Universität München (TUM) and specialized in renewable energies and hydraulics. He worked as a scientific assistant and tutor at the Chair for Hydromechanics at TUM and was involved in hydropower projects in Ecuador’s rainforest and in Cameroon. In several international projects, he worked on science-and-art projects related to environment, energy, water and low-cost construction. He is board member of the Association for International Knowledge Exchange (, where he is involved in a water supply project on Zanzibar, Tanzania. He is co-founder of the mobile hydro initiative that aims to empower people through low-cost hydropower plants ( and co-founder of the Institute of Water and Renewable Energies (