On 3 April 2019, HEEN continued its serious of career network events at Hertie School of Governance. The Professional Perspectives Networking Event event is a cooperation between Prof. Lion Hirth, the Hertie Energy and Environment Network (HEEN) and Career Development and it is for Hertie students only. It gathers representatives from different stakeholders in the energy & climate sectors. Participants had the opportunity of hearing from and meeting the following representatives (including Hertie alumni):

  • Alexander Reitzenstein, E3G
  • Andreas Schroeder, IEA
  • Bastian Rühle, Vattenfall
  • Bettina Hahn, dena
  • Carolin Schenuit, dena
  • Lisa Katharina Schmid, BMU
  • Markus Leick, Auswärtiges Amt
  • Miriam Brandes, EEX
  • Sara Lingstädt, BEE
  • Simon Hagedorn, Enertrag
  • Urszula Papajak, Germanwatch


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