The 9th HEEN Workshop took place on 22-24 June 2018 at Harnackhaus Berlin in combination with the summer party of the Hertie Foundation. Packed with an ambitious agenda full of inspiring speakers, the workshop dealt with the question of how digitalisation transforms the energy sector. On Friday 22 June, the HEEN workshop started with an afternoon panel organised in cooperation with the YEP network of the World Energy Council. The debate surrounded current political developments on the German coal exit. Saturday’s agenda included speaker contributions on digitalisation applications in the energy sector with a focus on blockchain solutions. We invited Fabian Reetz, Daniel Timmermann and Sebastian Stiller as distinguished speakers. Kai Krämer, Angela Kreitenweis and Viktor Peter were invited to speak on blockchain in specific, followed by a panel discussion on digitalisation examples in companies such as Uniper (Carsten Mielke). The “Shaping the Society of 2030” panel contribution by HEEN was given by Maximiliane von Butler of the Sonnen GmbH energy start-up. The evening summer party of the Hertie Foundation was coronated by the World Cup 2:1 match performance of the German football national team. Sunday featured various skills sessions including i.a. agile project management by Klara Sucher. We keep the weekend in very good memory and take home many learnings as well as inspirations.