The second edition of the HEEN Breakfast series takes place Friday, May 18th at 9AM at Climate Analytics located Ritterstraße 9, Kreuzberg, Berlin. This is a great opportunity for HEEN members to meet, exchange, and learn about each other’s respective work and interests. The event starts with a brief introduction of the HEEN, as well as update on what’s new in HEEN, followed by an introduction of Climate Analytics. We then briefly shed light to some commonly received questions related to the Paris Agreement, including its implications, feasibility and differences between 1.5 °C and 2°C. Following this session, participants are served a continental breakfast during which they are able to connect with other HEEN members as well as Climate Analytics. Please confirm your attendance via email to Jasmin (jasmincantzler [at] gmail [dot] com) , May 4th at the latest.

About Climate Analytics

Climate Analytics is a non-profit climate science and policy institute based in Berlin, Germany with offices in New York, USA, Lomé, Togo and Perth, Australia, which brings together interdisciplinary expertise in the scientific and policy aspects of climate change. Our mission is to synthesise and advance scientific knowledge in the area of climate change and on this basis provide support and capacity building to stakeholders. By linking scientific and policy analysis, we provide state-of-the-art solutions to global and national climate change policy challenges.