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Young Energy Forum 2020

On 21st August 2020, HEEN co-hosts the Young Energy Forum 2020 together with the Young Professionals of the World Energy Council. The event deals with Germany's hydrogen strategy in the context of international plans and it is held as online panel discussion.

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HEEN June 2020 Workshop cancelled

The 13th workshop workshop was scheduled to take place with the Hertie Summit on Friday 26th to Sunday 28th June 2020 at Harnackhaus in Berlin-Dahlem. It is cancelled due to the Covid-19 situation. Hertie workshops are organised twice a year and they gather widely known expert speakers from different fields of the energy and climate

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Professional networks event

On Wednesday 30 October 2019 at 6 p.m. Hertie School of Governance will host the next Energy & Climate Networking Event. This is a quite unique opportunity for students to get in touch with future employers and to expand their professional network. The event welcomes representatives from consulting firms (Aurora, Navigant, Ecologic, Elia Grid International),

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HEEN Workshop in Paris November 2019

The 12th HEEN workshop edition centered around decarbonisation strategies and it took place at the International Energy Agency in Paris on the weekend 22-24 November. Friday's afternoon session offered an introduction into the IEA & OECD institutional setting, insights into the Energy Data Centre as well as a presentation of the agency's flagship publication, the

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HEEN workshop in Berlin, June 2019

HEEN held its June 2019 workshop during the Hertie Foundation Summit on Saturday 22 and Sunday 23 June 2019 at Harnackhaus in Berlin-Dahlem. The event focused on "innovation for a low-carbon energy transition" and featured widely known expert speakers from different fields of the energy landscape.

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Professional Perspectives Networking Event: Energy & Climate

On 3 April 2019, HEEN continued its serious of career network events at Hertie School of Governance. The Professional Perspectives Networking Event event is a cooperation between Prof. Lion Hirth, the Hertie Energy and Environment Network (HEEN) and Career Development and it is for Hertie students only. It gathers representatives from different stakeholders in the

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Virtual visit at the International Energy Agency

HEEN organises a virtual visit at the International Energy Agency IEA Paris on Wednesday the 9th January 2019 at 18.00h. Interested students and young professionals can participate in this visit from anywhere as it takes place in the form of a webinar with the dial-in link here. The webinar is about organisation, people, work and

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Networking event helps career orientation of graduates

The first Hertie Energy and Climate Networking Event took place at Hertie School of Governance on 28th November 2018. Around 50 students came to learn about career prospects of different institutions while enjoying wine and bretzels. The event gave a forum to actors representing a broad range of the energy & climate sector, namely 50 Hertz, Agora

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10th HEEN Workshop in Bucharest took place in November 2018

On the weekend of 16-18 November 2018, Bucharest hosted the tenth HEEN workshop. Supported by the fellows&friends programme of the Gemeinnützige Hertie-Stiftung and by E.ON Romania, nearly 30 young energy enthousiasts convened for fascinating debates, pitches, field visits and skills session. The discusseions evolved around the question of how the coal transition will shape Europe and Romania.

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HEEN June 2018 workshop in Berlin

The 9th HEEN Workshop took place on 22-24 June 2018 at Harnackhaus Berlin in combination with the summer party of the Hertie Foundation. Packed with an ambitious agenda full of inspiring speakers, the workshop dealt with the question of how digitalisation transforms the energy sector. On Friday 22 June, the HEEN workshop started with an

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